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Working at Lush is an absolute pleasure. Having worked in World Class Studios around the world over my career I can say Lush’s equipment is World Class. From the lovely SSL 4048E Console, to their incredible mic collection, their array of Vintage Neve and Telefunken Mic Pre-Amps, EQs, compressors and classic Lexicon and AMS reverbs and EMT plate reverbs and effects processors, all kept in pristine operating order.
I found every colour I need for every genre of music and recording situation.
Their Live / Drum room is a good as it gets, coupled with “Quiet Amp Isolation” when tracking bands live.
Dominic and his team are a pleasure to deal with and maintain a great studio vibe and a “can do” attitude making working at Lush a very creative and productive experience.
Thanks Guys and Girls.
David Richards – Producer / Recording / Mix and Mastering Engineer

I’ve worked in many top studios over the years and I have to say Lush Studios is up there with the best. Boasting a “second to none” acoustically engineered drum room, a world class mic collection, as well as a super intuitive engineer in James Griffiths… I really felt we were not only in safe hands but in the best space possible. The facilities are clean, modern and everything you could need. I loved the ability to dim the studio lighting for a warm and inviting ambience, which to me is so important. Definitely THE studio space in Brisbane. 10/10 from me!
Kerry Jacobson – Drummer, Dragon / Mondo Rock / Ian Moss / The Filthy Animals

Having worked at world-class studios including Abbey Road, Trafalgar Studios and Trackdown Studios, Sydney, Lush Studios has the environment I need to produce to an international standard. The live rooms are extremely quiet, an important requirement to capture the nuances in a performance. A quiet room is difficult to find because it requires specialised air conditioning and decoupled construction. The rooms at Lush were designed and acoustically tuned by a professional acoustician for a perfectly balanced timbre for voice and acoustic instruments. Lush’s silent acoustically treated recording environment combined with the best microphones and equipment that has been produced through recording history, much of which is now unobtainable, results in a tonal quality that is invaluable. If you haven’t as yet experienced this level of quality, you need to try Lush.
Adrian Carroll – Engineer / Mix Engineer / Producer

Lush is my go to for tracking drums and/or anything that needs that injection of absolute analogue and sonic vibe. So many beautiful, original pieces of gear that are iconic and so rare to find these days in a studio. Lush has it all and more. Love the vibe and the people!
Luke Palmer – Producer / Mix Engineer / Guitarist Dead Letter Circus

Lush is a true professional studio with an unbelievable collection of classic old amps, instruments, recording gear and to top it off an incredible vintage microphone collection. Dom and Bernie have a serious amount of years of real world experience resulting in an environment that captures the best vibes and creates a workflow that is really productive. The awesome recording room is a bonus and is hands down one of the best sounding drum rooms that I have ever worked in….it’s always a real pleasure to work there.
Tony McCall – Session drummer: Wolfmother / Resin Dogs / Regurgitator / Butterfingers

Brisbane is truly blessed to have the only A Grade studio facility available for such affordable rates. The console, tracking room, outboard and mics are by the far the best you will find in Queensland. More importantly is the fantastic sounding, professionally built control room and monitoring system. I think the acoustics of a control room gets completely overlooked, but as we all know if you can’t hear accurately what you are doing then it is very hard to make professional decisions when recording and mixing. I have tracked and mixed in this room over the past 5 years and the A Grade professional monitoring and acoustics enables me to make accurate eq and compression decisions that translate completely to smaller systems and larger systems…. I.E there is no surprises when you play back your mixes in your car or iPhone, or “Oh my god where did all that bass come from!!” Spike Stent has stated that if your room sounds like Sh!T then your mixes will too… I would highly recommend this as the place to track and mix your record if you want your songs to sound professional grade.
Steven Thomas

Absolutely love recording @ Lush Studios!!! The gear is second to none. Recording to 2″ tape is amazing but then adding in all the outboard gear just blows your mind. Both Bernie and James are so good to deal with and results are guaranteed to be epic no matter the genre.
Thanks again Lush!!!!
Box Falcon Band

I discovered Lush because I needed a Telefunken Elam 251 microphone to complete some vocals for my ‘Worried Minds’ Album, initially recorded at 301 studios, Sydney. After a quick google with my producer, I was thrilled to find access to one at Lush, a local state of the art studio here in my own backyard. How had I not heard of Lush before. We went on to record the vocals for ‘SOMEONE LIKE YOU’ with Paulini at Lush and this remains one of my favourite vocal performances to date. A truly great recording studio has a presence about it. A magic that inspires something special to take place. Maybe it’s the incredible collection of vintage microphones and gear that Lush has, or perhaps it’s that special vibe a real studio like Lush possesses. Either way, I have been fortunate to work in studios all over the world, and walking into Lush… I had that same feeling here, we were able to make something special at Lush and will continue to do so.
Bradley McCaw – Singer / Songwriter / Composer

Dominic and the team at Lush were incredibly professional and accommodating and went above and beyond the call of duty!! The studio is totally cutting edge with an amazing array of amps and mics among other things – vintage and modern. The control room is spacious and the live room is fantastic.
We recorded the new brand music for Isuzu Australia – ‘Go your own way’ there in May 2020 and my experience was excellent. I won’t hesitate to return to lush for future projects and I highly recommend them to all.
Scott Langley / Composer

What a fantastic session!
I could really see the care and love you have put into that place.
Bernie was great to work with, worked quickly and knew what he was doing with little time wasted. I usually record on my own, however it was great to have someone handling all the engineering stuff while I concentrated on the music. The whole process just felt easier.
The ‘feel’ of the studio is great, including the attention you have put into the upstairs facilities.
The recording gear you have put in there is, well….absolutely second to none!
And as for the sound….
I brought the session home with me last night and played in back on my monitors (KRK VXT8s) which I am of course very used to.
I could IMMEDIATELY hear the quality in the recording, far above any recordings I have made previously. Perhaps the right terms would be transparent, warm, balanced, sophisticated, sweet top end, musical, clear…
There is a particular quality of tone that I have heard on many pro recordings that I have wondered how they achieved, and I think I can now see where that particular ‘tone’ comes from. It’s not on all pro recordings; it’s more of a modern tone so I do not hear it on 70s or 80s recordings, which are much bolder. Not sure how to describe it, it’s a kind of gentle clarity, a glossy sophistication in the way dynamics are controlled and how they occupy their own space … sorry, that all sounds a bit esoteric!
This is without question the best sound I have ever had for my music and I can now see what you mean when you say, “If you really care about your music, record somewhere like Lush.”
Thank you again most sincerely for the opportunity to record there yesterday. It was great in all respects.

Matt Heindorff

On behalf of Krave, it has been a pleasure to record at Lush Studios time after time. To highlight our overall experience, it’s clear to us that the Lush team uphold a great quality of care for our needs as artists. The recording space that Lush provides caters to the finer details of individual soundscaping that captures the best professional sound quality, and in particular, we along with many other artists recognised that their professionally designed drum room is a one of a kind experience! The diversity of the high grade and in some cases, rare instruments provided by Lush Studios has also been an exceptional highlight as a Lush artist. The organising of the recording process has been the most stress-free experience we have ever had, and to top our recording rapport, the relationship between the Lush team and Krave continues to mutually flourish as highly respectful, thoughtful and professional collaboration. We are forever grateful for the time and experience we have had with Lush Studios, and we would recommend their quality recording services to absolutely everyone.
Siana Davis – Krave

Recently I had the privilege to work at Lush Studios in Brisbane to record my latest material with the band Border Rangers.
It was a professional and friendly experience that made the recording process a breeze.
Dominic was professional and very helpful thru the process and that has been reflected in our recordings.
The Studio was like home to me and with the relaxed atmosphere, made it a pleasure to record there. The equipment that is in-house is gold and it’s a real wonder to be able to record with their gear. Being able today, in this mad digital world, to be able to keep up with an analogue tape recording process is a real treat. The sonic sound from the studio retains the old school, while being easy to use. No need to ‘Cut and Paste’, it’s just ‘Press and Play’. The addition of the fantastic outboard which adds the sparkle to the mixing is an added bonus.
If you need to record, no need to go past Lush Studios and it’s more than value for the money. Sounds real and alive. I can recommend it as a no brainer if you need to record your band or song.
Muzza Monroe – Border Rangers Band

Lush is one of the most professional, comfortable, and accommodating studios I have ever worked in. I spent over a week working on my last album at Lush. Their vast array of equipment, both vintage and modern, is incredible and exactly what you would expect from any top level studio anywhere in the world. Dominic and the crew are amazing to work with and the studio is always kept very clean and tidy with fully stocked kitchen and amenities. I could not recommend Lush highly enough!
L.R. Marsh

Lush Studios defied my expectations. Dominic and his team have put so much love into these facilities and it really reflects in the final sound of your product. I was honestly taken aback by the quality of production we received from ‘that’
drum room and the studio overall and cannot wait to be back again.
Matt Bird – Drummer – Hang Em’ High

I have had the privilege to record and produce music at Lush studios multiple times now, and it has always been an incredible experience. Between the unrivalled collection of equipment and the expert knowledge you are able to really let your imagination run wild.
Recording at Lush has enabled Lagerstein to capture our biggest sound yet. Across a full array of metal and orchestral instruments, we recorded incredibly clean takes, which have been the perfect foundation for building our party tracks!
When you come to Lush you get more than just access to world class equipment and a comfy stylish studio. There is an intimate knowledge of the recording process and personable guidance which allows you to really be creative, have fun, and capture exactly what you need.
Mother Junkst – Lagerstein

Super Ghost called Lush Studios to organise a studio tour where we were met with the owner Dominic. We had quite an in-depth conversation with Dominic about our goals. During the meeting we had a tour of the studio, where we went through all of the options available to achieve our desired outcomes, as well as going over a lot of gear and vintage equipment (which Dominic showed us and talked about the potential roles this equipment could have on our songs). We left that meeting feeling educated and instantly more on-track with our project. From there we then booked in and worked with one of the house engineers – Bernie Wedrat.
Bernie was very professional and was able to set up the drum mics and start pulling sounds really quickly, allowing us to get straight into tracking. He was also very receptive to our other ancillary instruments and fostered a really great workflow. Following the session we received a follow-up call from Dominic checking up on how everything was going with our project. Great studio, great gear, great people, great sound. We will definitely be back at Lush.
Super Ghost.