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We’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing bands and artists, some of those artists include:


Katy Perry, The 1975, Zedd, Jason Bonham, Louie Shelton, Jimmy Barnes, Katie Noonan,
Glenn Shorrock (Little River Band), Sarah McLeod (The Superjesus), Paulini, Adam Lester (Peter Frampton)


The Butterfly Effect
Kerry Jacobson (Dragon)
The Filthy Animals
Donnie Burke
Muzza Munroe
Border Rangers
Scott Eckel
Bradley McCaw
Clint Boge / Like Thieves
Dead Letter Circus
Smoking Martha
Greg Lyon & The Hip Operation
Box Falcon
Patient Lounge
L.R. Marsh
Selfish Sons
Route 33
Jack Hudson
Beth Duke
Annalisse Thiedeke
The Red Paintings
Matt Maguire
Golden Age of Ballooning
Breanna Fielding
Super Ghost
Hang Em’High
Georgie Taylor
The Fergies
Tayla Mae
Peppermint Ollie
Alexander Mills
Kiara Rodriguez
Tom Jackson
Maggie Britton
Ban Solo
The Bone Merchants
Taylor Payne
Lili Kendall
The Iron Eye
Wish for Wings
Kyel Dancey
Little Scout
Oceans to Geneva
Rawr Vanity
A Breech of Silence
3 Hour Flight
Major Leagues
District of East
The Acfields
Liam Coogan
Loaded Stone
Aiden Bradley
Brenton Fitzgerald
The Angry Pineapples
Sam Gaffney
Matthew Breen
Go Violets
Mass Sky Raid
Snake Bite Whiskey
Steve Williamson
Fake News
Black Star
John Sanchez
Kayne Missen & the Young Americans
For the Animals
Sharon Brooks
Ella Ferdinands
Joel Edmondson
These Four Walls
The Stencils
Wolves Counsel
Ryan Nak
Mark Strang
Infectious Rogues



We’ve also had the opportunity to work with some amazing producers, engineers and composers including:

John Hudson: Tina Turner / Gorillaz / Leo Sayer / Elvis Costello
Mark Opitz: INXS / AC/DA / Divinyls / Paul Kelly / Cold Chisel
Kevin Shirley: Joe Bonamassa / Iron Maiden / Joe Satriani / Silverchair
Guy Gray: Tin Machine – David Bowie / Cyndi Lauper / Midnight Oil / The Church
David Richards: Lime Spiders / Flaming Groovies / Tommy Emmanuel / Choirboys
Fredrik Nordstrom: Obscura / HammerFall / Lagerstein / A Breech of Silence
Tom Larkin: Shihad / Bodyjar / Butterfly Effect
Luke Palmer: Dead Letter Circus / Smoking Martha / Helm / The Omnific
Henrik Udd: Architects / Adept / At the Gates
Anthony Lychenko: Pete Murray / Resin Dogs / Ten Tenors
Dave Neil: Katie Noonan / Kate Miller-Heidke/ Weezal
Steve Bartlett: The Red Paintings / Skinny Jean
Scott Langley: Isuzu / Suncorp / Samsung / Tourism Australia
Liam Kennedy-Clark: Georgie Taylor
Cody McWaters: Selfish Sons / The Chats
Miro Mackie: Little Scout / Go Violets
Jan Muth
Vaughan Jones
Vince Perry



Capitol Records, USA
Disney Branded Television, Music
Warner Bros. Discovery Channel, Germany
Dirty Hit Records, UK
Resistor Music
HitMill AG, Switzerland
Unstoppable Recording Machine, USA
Freighttrain Music
Sum Management
Dead Entity Records
60 Minutes / Channel 9
Channel 7 Brisbane
Publicis Worldwide
Hype Republic

Isuzu Motors
Red Bull
Titans Rugby League Club
Bolinda BorrowBox
Gameloft Australia
Defiant Development
Faun Films
Grey Gum Productions
Vice Australia
Three Five Films
Citrine Sun Entertainment
Creature Music
Make-a-Wish Australia