We can assist with all your requirements, from a day of recording drums, a half day vocal session, mixing, or producing an EP or full album.

Our studio rates will vary depending on whether the client is a signed artist / record label, or an un-signed band or artist.

We understand that today many artists are self funded, so please contact us to discuss your requirements, we will be only too happy to tailor a recording or mixing package to suit your budget.

Should you require a backing band or an individual player, we also have an extensive list of professional session musicians on our books.

We welcome you to a studio walk-through to see our facility, this will also allow you to discuss your project with one of our friendly and experienced staff. To arrange a studio visit, or to book or enquire on available session dates, please call 0421 286 796 or email [email protected]

Studio rates (unsigned artists)

Day rate 8 hours + half hour break
Studio - $450 + GST
Plus assistant or engineer

Vocal recording session or other short session, 4 hours
Price $250 + GST 4 hoursT
Plus assistant or engineer

*Please note, we will always require a Lush assistant engineer or engineer to be present for all sessions, rates for this start from $200 + GST per day. We will waive this requirement under certain circumstances.

Mixing and On-Line mixing (unattended)

We offer 3 different mix types, please contact us to discuss your mix sessions and pricing.
Digital ‘in the box’ mix
Analogue / digital hybrid mix
SSL & outboard Analogue mix