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As music recording moves deeper into virtuality and a sea of infinite track counts, we‘d like to get back to reality – with real instruments, perhaps recording to tape instead of digital, in a professional studio with superb gear, creative producers and engineers – with a bunch of passionate people collaborating to make their own great music. Just like those great sounding albums from the legendary studios of the past, we take inspiration from and we are reminded that, perhaps new music still does need some kind of real house to rock.

Lush Recording Studios is a professionally designed and superbly equipped SSL studio facility. Lush provides artists, producers and engineers alike an inspiring and creative vibe, a comfortable atmosphere and a productive working environment. The studio offers an eclectic collection of the best vintage analogue equipment and classic instruments ever made, as well as an unrivalled collection of classic microphones, the envy of commercial and private studios world-wide.

Most studios today operate almost entirely in the digital domain. They record and mix in-the-box, relying heavily on computers and plug-ins trying to emulate the classic analogue outboard equipment, tape machines, instruments and mics that produced the most memorable recordings ever made. Our philosophy is to stick to the recipe that originally produced those great sounding albums. Our collection of outboard equipment, instruments, and microphones forms the basis of that recipe.

This doesn’t mean we don’t do digital – digital is now the world’s medium. At Lush, we bring the two together, using analogue and digital, where it fits the bill. Analogue to achieve the best recorded sound, and digital to put it together, to make it easily editable, transportable and instantly reproducible.

Our recording systems are an Otari MTR 90 MkII 2” with 16 & 24 track head stacks tape machine, Otari MTR 10 ¼” 2 track, Revox 77B ¼” 2 track and Pro Tools Ultimate HD 2021, 32in/56out.

Lush has the gear, facilities and people in one of Australia’s most well equipped studios ready to assist you.

Alexander ShoesmithAlexander Shoesmith
00:04 13 Aug 22
Worked at Lush Studios with engineer Bernie Wedrat. Awesome experience tracking horns and drums. Drum room sounds amazing and Bernie can engineer a kit faster than I can get out of bed. Dominic has a very holistic view of the recording process and makes sure that the clients are getting the product they are after. Awesome experience
William DiggerWilliam Digger
06:52 02 Jul 22
Lush Recording Studios are definitely one of if not The best recording studios in Australia! Couldn't recommend them enough. Lush have a vast supply of high end, quality and vintage gear that you'd struggle to find anywhere else. Staff and Engineers were a huge help with a wealth of knowledge, tips and experience who strive to create great music. Had an amazing time with them and will definitely be coming back. The generous price is well and truly worth it with what's on offer.
Fake NewsFake News
09:54 27 Feb 22
We can’t recommend Lush Studios enough! It’s one of the last studios still delivering a high end room with a vast array of high end equipment on offer to get what ever sound you want in its purist and organic form. We love Lush Studios!
Mark StrangMark Strang
12:41 08 Jul 21
Dom, Bernie And the team were amazing and far surpassed my expectations for the record and I am sincerely grateful for their advice and professionalism to help create the vision of what I was hoping to achieve.The studio itself is amazing, comfortable and of the highest quality in every aspect. Thanks again guys, I Will definitely return to lush for my next project.
Josh MaddenJosh Madden
10:11 24 Jan 21
The quality of the equipment and size of the collection is like nothing I have ever seen before. Really beautiful, unique and amazing sounding equipment, in such a nice facility. Plenty of space for everyone to spread out and hang out, but also create some seriously good sounding master pieces.
04:48 11 Jul 22
We recently completed recording our upcoming EP at Lush. Wow! This place is one of a kind. The amount of high quality equipment along with the engineer they recommended was so professional and the sound we got has blown our mind. I’d highly recommend Lush for your next music project, large or small
Seth DaveySeth Davey
07:15 12 Feb 22
Dan and Dom were extremely helpful and had all the gear to give us the best possible sound. Highly recommended!!
Sam BertoloneSam Bertolone
01:33 23 Apr 21
The experience I had at Lush studios was exciting, fun, professional and valuable. Four songs were recorded over a speedy two-day session and the outcome was nothing short of amazing. The atmosphere of the studio created by Dom, Bernie and the staff was inviting and homely and the facilities, entertainment and rest areas available were very comforting. The studio has an almost endless range of amazing, high quality and rare equipment to take advantage of along with the partnering knowledge of how to do so through Dom and the team. Lush Studios has the greatest drum room I’ve ever recorded in and the architecture of the studio is phenomenal. If you are looking for the best sound possible on your records, Lush Studios should be the first and final stop on your list. I couldn't recommend them enough!
Anthony BrandAnthony Brand
02:52 11 Sep 20
Dominic, Bernie and the team have been unbelievable in helping take my songs to a level I could only previously have dreamed of. First class facility and equipment, but just as importantly, they are wonderful people. Could not recommend more highly. Thanks again, team!
Tom JacksonTom Jackson
11:14 20 Feb 20
Lush Studios is an amazing recording studio for any artist. Not only do they have some of the best equipment, but both Dominic and Bernie are super professional, easy to talk to and really helped to bring my music to life. If you're looking to record music in Brisbane I Highly recommend checking them out!