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Tape – instantaneous aural gratification!

The resurgent interest in recording to tape is great to see and we agree with many that it is still “sonically” the best recording medium. In many ways, there is an instantaneous gratification to be experienced with tape. Tape just has that ‘mojo’ which digital recording can’t match. To us, tape isn’t just a novelty, but the soul of real recording.

Quite often, “less is more”. A great record is not always about a massive track count. It is always about well written produced songs, a great performance and a great sound. The first two points are up to you and the producer, the third point is where tape comes into its own. Tape adds dynamic range, tape compression and “warmth”.

Depending on your requirements or budget we have several tape format options available,
these include:

24 track 2 inch

16 track 2 inch

16 track 1 inch

8 track half inch

4 track ¼ quarter inch

Stereo ¼ inch masters

Tape Archiving

We also offer tape archiving for your old multi-track tape sessions to a digital storage medium. Please contact us to discuss.

Vinyl Pressing releases

As with recording to tape, there is a renewed interest in the superior sonic quality of vinyl and vinyl sales are on the increase. This trend is here to stay.

If you are thinking of pressing to vinyl, the best way to take full advantage of its sonic range is to record direct to tape, mix in analogue then master down to a stereo 2 track tape master.