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“Track on a Neve, mix on an SSL…”

…has long been the mantra of most producers and engineers and is regarded as the ideal process for recording and mixing. Lush Recording Studios has over 20 channels of original Neve mic-pre/EQs, all of which came from vintage Neve consoles. Our mic-pre list includes all original Neve 1081s, Neve 1073s, Neve 1099s, and Neve 33116s
Pairing our Neve mic-pres with our classic Neumann, AKG, and Telefunken tube microphones and our extensive list of classic compressors, EQ’s and effects gives clients an unrivalled variety of “recording chain” options.
Or, for other flavours and colours, track through our SSL 4048E console, or alternatively, our
Telefunken V72’s & V76’s, Quad 8’s and Peach tube pres.
EQ’s by Pultec, GML, and a pair of stunning 1960’s Decca mastering EQ’s. Also included is our vast collection of outboard equipment and instruments. Refer to our Collection Page for further information.
The studio comprises three floated-floor recording spaces – Tracking Room, Isolation Room, both with 4.6meter ceilings, plus a Cab Space. This three-space configuration, with tie lines to all areas, allows bands to record together to capture that ‘live’ vibe while still achieving complete isolation.
There’s also a comfortable and private client lounge with DVD and LCD screen, X-Box and a galley style kitchen……and of course, a great coffee machine!

Production & Edit Suite

The Production Suite is perfect for editing, EDM production and more. This room is competitively priced, and eliminates the need for the bigger and more expensive studio rooms, when a smaller space will do.

The Production suite has a Pro Tools 9 system with Adams A7X monitoring, we can also add selected items from our equipment inventory.

It’s possible to just book the production suite for your songwriting and collaboration requirements, but please contact us to discuss first.

recording spaces


Our main tracking room has a 4.6m ceilings and delivers a full and very punchy drum sound. The sound of the room you record in is just as important as the gear that you use to record it. Like everything else at Lush recording studios we spared no expense on the design of this room to get the greatest drum sound you have ever heard.


Our isolation room is perfect for tracking vocals, guitars or seperating instruments when you want to track live. This carefully designed space will ensure that what you record will sound big and punchy not boxy or lifeless.


Sometimes when tracking live you need to be able to seperate a guitar amp from the rest of the instruments and we have a space especially for this purpose. With tie lines available from any other recording space into the amp room, guitarist have the freedom
and flexibility to setup anywhere they want and be completely isolated from their cabs.