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online mixing

unattended mixing no matter where you are

Lush also offers on-line mixing services.

With more and more bands and artists now recording, your music needs an edge, we can give your music that edge. Our experienced engineers pay attention to detail and you will hear the difference. We’ll transform your tracks into a professional mix, making them ready for commercial release.

Contact us for more details on pricing, especially for tape based mix sessions and the requirements for preparing and sending your digital files to us.

Mix Types

Analogue Mix

We can mix your track using our SSL console and various analogue outboard gear to gain incredible depth, warmth and clarity. Your music will sounds bigger and better than you had ever expected. There is nothing like the sound of an all analogue signal chain.

Hybrid mix

Probably the most common approach in the professional mixing industry. Hybrid mixing gives an extra layer of creativity and flexibility when it comes to sculpting your sound. With the precision of digital and the warmth of analogue you get the best of these two worlds.


Mixing to tape has long been considered by many professionals to be the premium option for delivering the most accurate and the highest quality sound possible. It is an art form lost to the bedroom producer and as such only professional engineers and studios like Lush are capable of delivering the best audio you can get.